Technical Reports  


The Final Technical Report of the Oregon Nurse Retention Project

This report consists of our final technical report describing the ONRP research findings. You may download the entire report (1.5MB) or download specific sections of interest.

Summary Slides

The Oregon Nurse Retention Project - Final Report Slides.pdf (441,9 kB)

The Entire Report

 ONRP Final Report (Sinclair et al., 2009).pdf (1,5 MB)

Executive Summary

ONRP Executive Summary.pdf (741,6 kB)

Overview and Aims

ONRP Overview and Aims.pdf (887,7 kB)

Method and Results

ONRP Method and Results.pdf (992,4 kB)

Projects, Presentations and Conclusions

ONRP Projects, Presentations, Conclusions.pdf (762,9 kB)


ONRP References.pdf (774,9 kB)

Appendix A - List of Measures

ONRP - Appendix A - List of Measures.pdf (820,8 kB)

Appendix B - Additional Participant Characteristics

ONRP - Appendix B - Participant Characteristics.pdf (727,2 kB)

Appendix C - Content Validation Results

ONRP - Appendix C - Content Validation Results.pdf (728,2 kB)

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