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The Top Nurse Turnover and Retention Articles

Waitsman and Sinclair (2009) - Top Nursing Articles.pdf (178,7 kB)

This report uses the ISI Web of Knowledge to identify widely cited nurse turnover and retention research, lists frequently cited nursing journals and scholars, and lists several meta analyses and narrative literature reviews addressing topics related to nurse turnover and/or retention.

ONRP Summary of Measures

ONRP Summary of Measures - Tables.pdf (186,8 kB)

The tables in the file above provide a list of all of the measures used in ONRP research. In some cases, these measures were constructed for the specific aims of the research grant, in others, the measures were suggested by nurses who participated in focus groups as part of the development of the research.  In still other cases, we used all or portions of previously validated instruments, sometimes making adjustments as necessary to fit the nursing context of our work.

Recommended citation:  

Sinclair, R. R., Mohr, C. P., Davidson, S., Sears, L. E., Deese, M. N., Wright, R. R., Waitsman, M., Jacobs, L., Cadiz, D. (2009). The Oregon Nurse Retention Project - Final Report to the Northwest Health Foundation. Unpublished Technical Report.

Using ONRP Measures: 

This report is a product of the Oregon Nurse Retention Project. The research referred to in this report was supported by a grant from the Northwest Health Foundation (Proposal 14180) to Portland State University. We are happy to share any of these measures with interested researchers. We provide reliability information where we have it available and when possible include citations to studies having previously used the measures and/or providing the inspiration for our measures.  These measures are freely available to researchers to use for non-commercial research purposes. For more information about any particular measure please contact the grant team and we will be happy to help in any way we can. We expect to share specific studies using these data as they become available.

For more information, please contact:

Robert R. Sinclair, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Clemson University
418 Brackett Hall
Clemson. SC 29634


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